Star Wars Edge

The Saga Begins

As the crawl introducing the setting and characters disappears, the camera zooms through the atmosphere of a planet and onto a group of 3 humanoids and an R2 droid sprinting (and rolling) through the streets of Mos Shuuta followed closely by a pack of gamorreans.  

It's a blistering hot day and dry wind sweeps through the streets as densely packed crowds of various species goes about their daily business.  The three humanoids push open the door of the Mos Shuuta Cantina and squeeze themselves inside, the droid following closely behind.  

R2-ZE — a squat astromech droid — flips himself over the counter of the bar.  He tucks himself into the nearest alcove, and the only thing visible is his antenna.  Anything less than a casual inspection would reveal only a narrow tap handle.  

Meanwhile, Snedry cannot resist the allure of the seductive Twi'lek dancer on the stage across the room.  He shuffles across the bar with his eyes cast toward the floor.  He mumbles to the dancer, "Hey cupcake, wanna dance?"

She stifles a gag reflex caused by Snedry's body odor.  He swears he showered in the last month or so but can't remember exactly when that was, and his growing fat folds seem to be a constant source of smell.  The dancer forces a smile onto her face and says, "No thanks, sweetheart.  I'm working."

Snedry is used to this reaction, but the fresh feeling of rejection adds to his stress levels, already climbing from the day's dry heat.  He kicks his feet into motion and squeezes himself behind the curtain and what passes for backstage in this backwater cantina.  

Ishkandir shakes his head as he watches his cousin swing and miss again.  He has suggested different ways to practice communicating with women and has offered to pay for a twi'lek's services, but Snedry always back out at the last minute.  He jogs after his cousin, knowing that Snedry is likely to get himself into trouble the second the gamorreans appear.  He shoves Snedry deeper into the backstage corridor and keeps watch across the cantina.

Nikolai watches the scene unfold in front of him.  He has been in scrapes before and knows he will be again, but he can't remember anything as comedic as this.  If this fools the gamorreans, his already low opinion of that species will plummet further.  

He confidently walks up to the bartender, a man he recognizes as the owner of the establishment.  Nikolai plops some credit chips into the man's hand and gives a knowing nod toward the closet behind the bar.  The bartender rolls his eyes and allows Nikolai to pass.  

Four fat gamorreans stomp into the room, each heavy breath expelling the rank smell of rotting food.  A cursory glance reveals bits of flesh stuck between their teeth.  The  patrons of the bar stare warily at the group of pig-like men.  After sniffing the air for several seconds, the Twi'lek dancer screams and runs out the door, pointing the gamorreans toward Ishkandir's hiding spot.


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